Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Want My Lawn Green Again!

The grass in my front yard is still yellow. I programmed the sprinkler to run every morning but the weather started to get crazy so I turned it off. We had a lot of rain and snow recently which I guess were great but my grass is still not showing life and beauty to the yard. My husband suggested to contact someone to fertilize, aerate, etc to make it green again.

I tried to contact a big/nationwide company that I saw on a TV commercial. I called the 800 and spoke with a rep. I advised the rep that I just need to know how much it is going to cost me to have them service my lawn if I give him the square footage. The rep was like asking me my name, address and did not even bother to answer my question. I hung up because I got irritated. So I tried to go to my local yellowpages to do a local search instead of a bigger corporation.

I went to through my Android phone. The website has a mobile version. I was very impressed with how fast it is. I just entered "lawn" and then my zip code and it showed me the local businesses that service lawns (fertilize, landscaping, aeration, sprinkler, etc). Quite impressive. The search is on and I can't wait to have a green lawn.


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