Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maintaining A Good Credit Score

My credit score is excellent right now. I am very proud to say that because it is a fruit of my discipline and hardwork. Believe it or not, I had no credit score 5 years ago (I grew up in a country that does not do credit scores). My husband, who has been my mentor about good credit score, got me started the right way. He advised me to get a credit card, use it and then pay the whole bill every month. And that's what I did and have been doing. I keep track of my expenses by writing them in a notebook. Yes, I like the old method but hey, it works for me. My credit score is actually higher than my husband's. He was a little bit dissapointed about that. It's our little competition you know.

Having a good credit score is indeed a good investment. I was building a good credit score years ago and when it was time for me and my husband to buy a new house, it was just an easy deal. We got approved right away and it was a great feeling. We got the best rate, too.

I am not sure if all potential employers check credit scores of the applicants but I know that mine was checked. My husband also said that he has to have a good credit score to keep his job. I guess a person's credit score can describe one's personality.

I treat my credit score like gold so I always monitor it to maintain the numbers high. I get free credit score report annually which is nice because it is free. Do you have a credit score story to share?


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