Sunday, January 27, 2008

List of Great Widgets

Blogs need widgets to make it looks fun and interesting. I am one of those readers that likes widgets because they catch my eyes. So, I made a list in here where you can get widgets for your blog.

Widgetbox- Clocks, games, youtube or news, a site of widgets that you'd probably want.

MyBlogLog Widget - Bloggers need this widget to show the recent readers and be proud.

Feedjit- show live traffic to your blog. It is fun to know where your readers came from.

Gas Cost- If you want to share the gas cost all over US, then have this widget pasted on your wonderful space.

Clock Link - If you want your readers to keep track of their time, show this widget and it will be fun.

Wikiseek- If you like a Wikipedia search box to your blog, check wikiseek widget for readers to use and bug.

Yahoo Widgets - Other provider of widgets to see, lots to choose from for blogs to be pretty.

Music widget - Music lovers get music widget, music is great for your soul

Technorati widgets - Technorati is fun, show your authority to everyone.

Horoscope widget - If you believe in horoscope and like to share, get this one for your readers to care.

Pagerank widget - show how popular your are in the search engine, get this widget and keep on smilin'.

Feedburner widget - show a feed button for readers to click, easy to track hits and easy to make.

Books widget - go to librarything to make a widget about books. Make a library.

Map widget - Get a map widget if you want your readers to know where you are.

Gift widget - Everyone loves gifts. Show this widget for gift ideas.

SMS widget - text your readers with this widget if they do not mind.

Painting widget - show art and paintings daily. This site is good for art blogs.

Feedcount widget - show the subscribers of your feed. Register, go to your feed, enter Publicize and click FeedCount.

Video widget - show videos that are relevant to your blog. Make your readers entertained.

Answers Widget - If your readers have trouble understanding some words, this widget can help them find the answers.

For more widget info, visit mashable, a great source of widgets for blogs.

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