Sunday, January 13, 2008

Looking for a Filipina?

Why is it that there are a lot of men from other countries who married a Filipina? Is it because of their looks such as the black hair, cute nose and petite body? Is it because of their values? Or is it because we are one of the most beautiful girls in the world?

My husband is an Italian-German-Irish-American mutt. He was 25 and I was 18 when we first talked. Well, I mean talked online. I thought he was very charming and handsome. He thought I was pretty and funny. We talked for 4 hours that day. Since then, we met online to talk every week. It was weird because we felt comfortable talking about anything, literally.

To make the story short, we now have a beautiful 1-year old baby boy after three and a half years of marriage. I asked him why he married me. He said, "because you complete me".

I asked myself "why"? I realized that it is not because I am a Filipina but because I am me.

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Allen's Darling said...

hi jo still waiting for ur love story nice blogs u have here..Note! why i can't leave a comment on your tagboard? let me know thanks...

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