Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Baby Started Blogging

That is a good title. I hope people will click that. :)

My Big baby started his own blog because I pushed him to. He likes to write and he is a very good writer so I thought it would be good for him. He is very particular with English grammar so sometimes I get embarrased when he reads my stuff. He actually made a comment one night. Hahaha. He said that I should read a "Writer's Reference" book so that I know how to write legally. Okay! He wanted me to avoid plagiarism. I got his point.

I still need to work on my English Grammar, though. I get confused with the plural and singular sometimes. That is even the easiest part. I'd use the "she" instead of a "he" or vice versa. Sometimes, I bug him for a better grammar on a post. Isn't it very nice to have a walking English Grammar Dictionary? I should probably read and learn more.

My Baby has a new post right now about politics. I saw "Billary Clinton" in that post . I thought that was funny. Creative actually. He is one of those million bloggers that writes about politics right now. It is just a hot topic.

Visit his blog for more Musings of a Deranged Soul. What is "deranged"? I have not asked him about that yet.

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