Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Vacation To San Francisco

We had decided to go to San Francisco to celebrate the New Year 2 years ago. I was so excited because it would be my first time. I would love to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Oh, I was so ready to pack my bags and so thrilled to land in CA.

We were at the airport waiting for our flight when they changed our schedule (two hours later)because of the weather problem in San Francisco. It was pouring rain hard with poor visibility. Oh I was so mad. We had to wait that long. Before the announcement of the sched change, we had been there for a couple of hours. It was a nightmare.

"Oh San Fran, I am coming!", I thought. We were on the plane waiting for the landing. Seatbelts on. I was holding the arm of my chair not because of the excitement but because of the evil turbulence. That was bad. Thank goodness that pilot was experienced enough.

When we were inside the San Francisco airport, I saw a lot of Pinoys. That was a nice feeling. Seeing the kababayan in a foreign country is a big deal to me. The airport was busy. There were a lot of Asians not just Filipinos.

The next day, we then decided to hike. Guest what the destination would be? The Golden Gate Bridge. It took us 3 hours from our hotel to the bridge. But on our way to the bridge, we had to stop and go because of the beautiful sceneries. We went to a place where birds enjoyed jumping on the water and flying all over us. It was actually showed on a movie. I think it was the stupid movie "The Heartbreak Kid". We also stop by the Marina with the view of the Alcatraz (famous prison) behind. There was also this marketplace where people sell things like in Manila. We call it "Taboan" in my hometown in the Philippines. We also had to stop to take pictures of the buildings and the boats. It was beautiful.

We had to take the steps to the bridge. As you go higher, you can see the beautiful San Francisco Bay. It was foggy at that time so there was a little bit of a drama going on inside me. I felt so high and happy inside.

Everybody was excited to see the bridge. They were a lot of poeple standing on the bridge listening to the buzzing vehicles passing us. Clicks here and clicks there for pictures. People were excited and proud to be there. That includes me.

It was a beautiful experience. I think I want to convince my husband to go back there again with our son. It will be a good family vacation.

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Pisio808 said...

No worries hon.
When Mikee is older we can take him back.
Love you

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