Friday, January 18, 2008

How did Britney Spears get nuts?

I heard this comment on the talk radio that Britney Spears and her boyfriend went to get a pregnancy test. The guy on the radio said, "Is their any over-the-counter test for craziness?". That just cracked me up.

Whenever people talk about Britney Spears, they usually mention the words nuts, crazy, fruit-cake or has a chemical imbalance in her head. I sometimes laugh at what their saying or get tired about the name Britney.

Their is just too much going on about her. What is wrong with her? Is it because of her thirst for attention? Maybe she should donate her money to the poor or make something useful.

I used to love her music like "Sometimes". That was one of my favorites before. There were these "Baby One More Time", "Toxic", "Everytime", "Oops I did it again", "Lucky" and I can make a whole list here but there are just a lot that were so high on the rankings on the Philippine radio.

I wish she will be back to her normal sense and be a good model to the young girls.
I would love to see her again in a good news aisle and not in a stupidity aisle.

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