Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Wedding in Maui

The first time I saw the island, my heart jumped. I felt like I was in heaven. From the airplane looking down, I saw the mountain, the pineapple plantation, the tiny roads, and the blue ocean surrounding it. It was so beautiful.

That was September 11 when I arrived to Maui land. I cannot forget that day. Because of the time difference from the Philippines to Hawaii, I slept right away after our flight. I had that evil jet lag so I was not able to enjoy my first night in Hawaii. That was okay, I thought. I needed some rest.

My first dinner in Maui was at Cheeseburger in Paradise. I was so amazed because the burgers and salads were big. Of course, all the plates were big. I was laughing inside. I was so skinny then.

My first few weeks in Maui were exciting and busy. We had to execute the wedding plan. Had to have my wedding dress dry cleaned before the big day, had to find our bride's maids and groom's men their aloha clohes, had to plan for the songs to be sung and verses to be read in church, and so much more. My favorite was to choose items at Macy's for the wedding registry. It was fun.
Oh! Did I tell you that it was a double wedding? That is my friend Vhine up there with me. Do you notice that blue thing behind us? Pretty isn't it? Vhine and I stayed at the Marriot Hotel the night before the wedding. That was so elegant and so new to me. I was not used to that kind of treatment. It felt just like a dream.

I met Vhine online through my husband's friend. My husband's friend is Vhine's husband. I hope I did not confuse you.

And then, it was almost our wedding. The music was in the air, people were talking, and the wind were blowing the leaves all over. I was in a room with Vhine getting ready, took some pictures and talked with the bridesmaids. I was so nervous.

When our wedding started, I felt so overwhelmed. Guests were staring at me walking down the aisle with my foster parents (my parents from PI could not come). The music was beautiful and the church was bright. I felt like I was floating...really. Coins, veils, cords...Filipino tradition were done. I do's, kisses, hugs, clapping the hands, congratulations, blesses, bubbles, you name it...they happened.

It was the most beautiful wedding. It was my wedding...our wedding. I still can not forget it in my head. Ahhh!

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Allen's Darling said...

congratz jo! anyway can i get ur story a few paragraphs then i link ur story for continuation here...salamat let me know jo ...

dex said...

what a wedding! yea, you will really treasure that forever.. have a nice day

Petula said...

Sounds wonderful! You and your friend were beautiful brides.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, it sounds beautiful. Great pictures and descriptions. :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi (^^,) i thought i better see your blog after you gave me the link to see your hair length :) -- loooooong or short thread

And saw this wedding article, congrats for you.. btw, wedding in MAUI? (dreamy) so romantic...

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