Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby Talk

I love my baby. He is so cute. He can say "ah huh", "uh oh", "dedo", "dadi", "oh eh kata" but not so much "mama". He is already 15 months old but I can hear him say "mama" once in a thousand.

He likes to read his books backward, he likes to eat paper, and he likes to watch the TV especially when it is showing interesting colors and music. We call him "Tater" sometimes, short for "Couch Potato". He likes to dance, too. He wiggles and waggles like a jello. He is a cheese, green beans, banana, spaghetti and cherios eater but he is still at 25% weight percentile.He does not like the word "No" or a sneeze. Both scare the heck out of him. He does not like his Uncle James because he grawled at him a lot when he was young. He does not like any type of surprise noise like the TV noise that he does not expect.

He is a handful, a beautiful baby boy. I am very proud to be his mother.

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Anonymous said...

He looks a lot like my son. My wife is Chinese. I remember when he was learning to talk he would call flags "guh" and would point and say that all the time.

Once he learned to speak he just took of language wise. At one of his well-baby checkups, they said he should know about 50 words, and my wife and I counted over 250 that he was saying repeatedly.

They are just so cute at that age.

Our is about to turn 4 and likes to debate his father now. :)

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