Monday, January 21, 2008

A White Guy Visiting the Philippines

After seeing my picture and reading my profile, I would assume that you know you are reading a Filipina's blog. Are you a foreigner and dating with Filipina online? If yes, you might want to consider reading this post.

These are the top ten things that my husband experienced while visiting me in the Philippines:

1. Sweating while sitting and staring at the is very humid.
2. Shocked, nervous and sweating while riding a taxi in Manila...road lanes and traffic signs are just decorations, U-turns can be done while in the right lane, and swerving from left to right and from right to left is okay because being in front of a heavy traffic is important.
3. Filipino airplanes are not for was not big enough for a tall man like him.
4. Learning the first Filipino culture the first day we met...took the Filipino inlaws' hands and place the back of their hands onto his forehead as a sign of respect.
5. Feeling like a celebrity and changing his name into "Joe" for an unknown reason...neighbors were staring at him while walking with me at the park and neighbor's kids were visiting the house a lot to see the white guy. Also, some people called him Joe. He wondered why they did.
6. Filipino food was awesome. He ate chicken adobo a lot.
7. Fresh fruits were available for a very low price...sometimes free. It made him go to the bathroom often because of fresh watermelons.
8. Taking a bath was not really a bath. He had to pour water to himself to have a soothing manual shower.
9. Few funny questions...why does Jollibee have 2 security guards with guns? Why is your spaghetti sweet and cold?
10. Seeing more puckering lips to give directions and more "psssssttt" to get somebody's attention.

Filipino culture is cute and unique which is why I miss my country. I bet he misses the Philippines, too.

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Unknown said...

Hahaha This sound very familiar. My husband have experienced everything on the list plus other some more.Everybody refers to him as Joewhile he's actually dutch. Sometimes he can camouflage as a Pinoy too coz he's mom is a bit indonesian.

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