Friday, February 22, 2008

How to get a fabulous abs in 3 weeks

I have been wanting to have a good looking abs. I do not want the rock looking abs. I just want to tone it. I am skinny already so my tummy is not so bad. I want to make it toned as much as I can but exercising too much gives me a no-ass-at-all syndrome. Is there any way that I can get both the toned abs and a nice behind?

I do not really weigh myself that often. I just do not want to see the numbers. It annoys me.

My baby goes to the scale for me. That way I only see the low numbers.

I actually found four good steps to flatten the abs. They are a little bit hard to maintain but if you are really determined to reach the goal then you can have fab abs in just three weeks they say.

1. Double-Leg Stretch - This is not that easy to do. You have to have a strong mid section I think. I tried it once and my tummy hurt the next day.

2. Crisscross - This is very hard. I can only do this for a minute. I am very weak. I need to do this more to have a stronger core.

3. Swimming - This is easy. You lie facedown and move like you were swimming. Lift your left arm and your right leg together and vice versa. Everytime you lift them, count from 1 to 5. This is fun.

4. Teaser - I fell to the side the first time I did it. I am not strong enough. I need to do this more.

Click on the hyperlinks to see the pictures for illustration. Also check the Pilates website that I like. Just search these words and click the first link below search results. They provide a step by step guide for newbies.

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Pisio808 said...

Love the new layout... You are so creative... Love you

the cup said...

every person male or female has a six pack. It can't be seen because of the fat that is covering it. You can do a thousand sit ups but if you don't lose your body fat it will NEVER show. Focus and running (fat burning exercises).

Michael Aulia said...

Maybe you can try using your couch more :D

Found a video to do a good fabulous abs using a couch (made a post on my blog) :

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