Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How would you know when Ebay does not work for you?

My sister-in-law was selling old stuff at Ebay and she was really doing good. After I knew that she was selling a lot of her stuff, I got excited to start my own Ebay thing. The store where I used to work decided to close the store for good. They were selling things for less. I decided to buy some and tried to sell them on Ebay.

I advertised my things on Ebay, one day. I waited for 7 days for some bids. Some of my things did not receive any bids. That was very sad. I received one bid on the Harry Potter Book and this bidder bought it right away when the bidding time was over. Out of 5 things that I advertised that week, only 1 got sold.

I had to decide how to wrap the book so the buyer would get it safely. I made a 7-day Money Back Guarantie when I advertised it so that visitors would be confident to bid. I had to send the package as fast and as safe as possible so that I do not have to experience the "return hassle".

I went to the post office to send the package, fell in line, and paid the box. I went home and decided to email my buyer that it was sent and it will probably take 3-5 days. that was just for one sale. I only made $10 profit.

I then advertised another batch of things to sell on Ebay, paid the fee and waited. Waited and no bids. Still no bids. What did I do wrong? I have a good picture. It is a good deal. I then became sadder and sadder.

I started to read some of the other sellers feedbacks. Some of the buyers complained about the things they bought and would like a refund. The seller did respond that there was nothing wrong about his product. One buyer said that she decided not to have this type anymore. Dah dah dah dah dah. It was a lot of work for that seller, I imagine. I got discouraged after reading the feedbacks.

Can you tell how much work I did with just one sale? How much did I earn? I got discouraged with that too. From then on, I knew that Ebay was not for me. I guess I am not patient enough.

What I should I do?

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Stacey said...

You're right. In a lot of cases, trying to sell something on e-Bay is more trouble than it's worth. I'm sorry it wasn't a better experience for you!

Petula Wright said...

Yes, eBay can be very frustrating. I sell on there too. I recently sold a dining room table and chairs, but the other four things that I posted didn't sell. I've sold before and things have been great and then there are other times when whatever I post doesn't sell. It does take a lot of patients and work -- I just think practice and patients makes the sale.

I have a bunch of baby clothes I want to sell, but I don't feel like taking pictures of everything and posting it and they not sell. Tough job so I understand what you mean.

rojoy said...

If you want to be succesful in ebay Jo, search around what hits most like clothing. I used to sell plus size clothing i did very good. I made enoguh profilt that i filed for taxes to avoid gov't issues.

S. Scott Craft said...

I had a friend who sold his jeep on Ebay, but I have never used it. My brother set up an account and thought that it was too much hassle to go beyond even that. I prefer to go to shops and see what I buy. Some things work well for some people and doesn't go so well for others.

exinco said...

i'm totally lost when talked about ebay.
do you write you experience about success or failure in ebay?

Susan said...

Loved this post, I had been wondering about selling stuff on eBay and if it would be worth the trouble, you have sort of answered that for me.

My next step is to check out one of the local businesses that will post and sell for you for a percentage...

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