Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things To Do In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a very beautiful city in Colorado. It is not as busy as Denver but it sure has a lot of businesses and buildings. It is a city but you feel like you are not in a city. I like the mountain in the background and close beautiful parks for families to hang out. I love Colorado Springs a lot.

This is my list of places that are worth visiting here in Colorado Springs or close to Colorado Springs. I have not visited them all yet. I am just going to write them here so I know which one to visit for the weekend when we get a chance.

Pikes Peak - I have not been there yet but I can see the mountain from our house. I really want to go there with my family but we have not had any chance to go. I get really relaxed whenever I see it. It is so beautiful.

Garden of the Gods - This place is amazing. You should not miss this place. The colors, the features of the rock formations, and the heights just blew me away.

Peterson Air and Space Museum - Oh...this is a good place for families with kids. There are neat displays and there are real planes. I heard that it is really good. I have not been there yet but this is definitely on my list to visit.

Olympic Training Center - this is great for kids. You get to meet the athletes and see them on their training.

United States Air Force Academy - This is very beautiful. There is this mountain on the background, the chapel, stadium, a museum and maybe more. Oh...I keep on asking my husband when we could visit the place. We need to visit there soon.

Glen Eyrie Castle - There is a historical background on this one. That is something that I need to learn when I get there. A lot of weddings happened there, I believe. I printed a lot of pictures for my customers in a Photo Lab where I used to work.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Seeing wild animals with a mountain background is gorgeous. Nothing can beat that. It will be a good exercise for the family because of the hills. My husband had asked me to go there as a family outing twice. It did not happen because I was not so organize with my schedule.

Mr. Biggs Family Fun Center - My husband and nephew went there to have this Godfather-Godson bonding. They had a blast.

Seven Falls - It is a very exciting and a beautiful place to hang out with family and friends. There are stairs that you can climb if you are not afraid with heights.

It looks small in the picture but can you see the stairs? When you go up, just do not look down so you won't get dizzy.

Santa Fe Trail - I would like to just drive, watch birds and the mountain. It is great!

Flying W Ranch - I would like to experience something that is out of ordinary. Cowboy hats, country music and a far from the city feeling. They said that the entertainers are good and food were great. I think this is worth the visit.

Colorado Balloon Classic - We had to wake early for this. My husband and I are not early risers but we forced ourselves to get up just to see this event. It was fantastic. My son enjoyed the colors. It was a great experience. I want to see it again next year.

Those are my babies.

Manitou Springs - We visited the town 2 years ago. I would like to go there again and just drive. There are a lot of interesting houses over there. They are old and historic.

Royal Gorge - My friend went there with her family. They've got great pictures. I would like to go there someday with my family. It will be a nice experience.

Road to Cripple Creek - This is about a 2-3 hours drive from our house. It was breathtaking. The air was fresh and the views were fantastic. I would like to go there again this Fall.

So...what do you think of Colorado? Pretty huh?

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Petula Wright said...

Good travel article and the pictures are great! Colorado is nice and beautiful!

PamperingBeki said...

Stop! You're making me miss it! :)

We lived there for several years but moved to Kansas for job reasons. I would love to move back though! (We still have a cabin up in Woodland Park and go out every summer.)

LeisaWatkins said...

Great topic for a blog article. It will come in handy as we are planning a trip to that area this year.

I'll have to do the same for our town.

Nanncy said...

Great article and shows how much we have to offer. Really enjoyed reading it.

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