Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are you sexy?

What is sexy by the way? Do we have to be as thin as a run-way model to be sexy? What would you feel if you received this award?

In the Philippines, I remember being called sexy because I wore a very nice outfit or I looked pretty with my clothes. I also remember that being thin (no layered fat on the belly) is sexy.

When I got here in US, sexy means big boobs and nice boodies. When you look good in your bathing suit then you are sexy. When you see a nice bag or a nice hat, sometimes we say: "Oh, that is sexy!". I remember my nephew who got in trouble in school because he said the word "sexy".

What is sexy? According to the dictionary, sexy means voluptuously sensual in appearance or behavior ( informal ). So I guess, all the situations that I mentioned above fit. I do not know what my nephew said in school but he got in trouble and is not allowed to say that word anymore.

Are you sexy? If you are then grab this award, print it, frame it and show it to your friends.

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Pisio808 said...

You are sexy.... sexy.... sexy...

Jaycob got in trouble for singing Justin Timberlake's "I'm Bringing Sexy Back"... Guess it is just not appropriate for third graders to be singing that...

Kevin said...

As much as I have tried to be sexy, I have come to the conclusion I just am not. I always win the "you're the cutest!" award though... does that count for something? :)

The_Mrs said...

Sexy isn't about what a person wears.. it's all about attitude.

How a person carries themselves and exhibits confidence in themselves is the sexiest thing of all.



S. Scott Craft said...

What is sexy depends on the time and culture. In China women who have tiny feet is considered sexy. In Victorian times, it was considered sexy for a woman to have full breasts, a slightly rounded stomach, and thick thighs. So everybody is sexy in someone's eyes.

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