Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nut my child?

"Shocked....scared...heartbroken" Those are my mixed feelings today. I can not believe that my baby has a nut allergy. It is a pain for us and especially for him.

We went to the doctor today for an allergy test. He was in a very good mood until the nurse poked him 10 times on his arms for the test. I can not forget how he reacted to it and I can not imagine what he was going through. Whenever the nurse came in to check on him and on his arms, he would cry like a 'please-get-her-away-from-me' type of cry.

They found that he has a nut allergy especially the pecan (the worst one) and an egg white allergy. He can not eat honey nut cherrios or scrambled eggs anymore. He can not eat anything with nuts. Anything. Sesame seed might not be good as well since they are usually processed with nuts. He can not eat spaghetti or macaroni and cheese anymore that he really likes.

The first time we thought that he has an allergy was when he got a rash after eating a bread with peanut butter on it last year. My husband gave him another bread with peanut butter one day and he got a rash again. After those two events, we decided to let the doctor know and get an appointment for an allergy test just to be sure.

A week before the test, he got a rash again and it was pretty bad. He was itching a lot and his skin was red. My mother-in-law had a pecan before the rash came out. My son did not even eat the pecan. He got a rash probably because of the skin contact or maybe just the pecan dust. It was really weird.

Starting today, all of us should read the labels before we give anything to him to eat. We had to practice stabbing ourselves with an Epi-pen trainer to make sure we know what to do when he gets a Anaphylaxis. We still need to watch the video the doctor gave us to educate us more.

This is so different and I have not heard anything like this in the Philippines. My family does not have a nut allergy and so is my husband's. Their is no explanation why kids get them. The thing is my son has to deal with it for a lifetime.

If you are unsure if your child has an nut allergy, take a look at these signs and symptoms:

-Itchy skin, hives
-Skin rash, eczema
-Runny nose
-Intestinal Discomfort
-Rapid or weak pulse
-Blueness of your skin, including your lips and nail beds
-Nausea and vomiting
-Loss of consciousness

I am glad that we found out about it sooner.

A mother's love

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EuroYank said...

I love the new blog look, but a big picture of me in it would be nice!

makubex said...

it's nice you guys found it earlier.
Good luck :)

Proud Filipina married to foreigner said...

yah,its good jo wow i know how really hard to be a good mother hahahahhaa got lucky i don't have kids.

Baby is so cute....

I love you baby


Grace said...

I'm glad you found out now. It's very hard to hear that something might not be quite right with your child, but once you know what it is then you can deal with it. Good Luck :-)

Petula Wright said...

Aww... I am so sorry to hear about that, but I am glad that you found out. As time passes it will be easier to deal with, but I know it will be a big adjustment and you'll worry a lot. Just take one day at a time and know that you're being a very good and loving mommy!


hi there! I also have allergies (a lot) i've had it since I was four. but i've been able to live a normal life. my worst allergen is dust mite. right now am going through immunotherapy. find a really good allergy specialist and work with him/her. all the best for your baby! God bless you =)

rose said...

elow ate mustah ka na po. Awts what happened to your baby ate mustha na po siya. sana gumaling na siya.

by the way bumisita lang po take care always po mwaaaaaaaaaah

Babette said...

Hi Jojo, mabuti nalaman nyo agad about his nut and egg white allergy. Kailangan ngang i-check nyo lahat ng ingredients bago nyo bilhin ang food. My friend has a son who has the same allergies, vigilant talaga sya when it comes to his food. So she bakes her own cakes, etc. School nowadays are good in dealing with allergies.
Btw, may bago nga akong blog in addition to the other one (, paki-add na lang, salamat. :)

Lynne said...

Poor little one! Glad you figured out what was causing the rashes though. That will be hard to deal with because so many foods have nut or nut oils in them.

armywife24 said...

so sorry bout ur son's allergy.. but glad that u found it sooner. me i have a skin allergy too, its called (dupang) it leaves traces when i scratch it.. sometimes i cant sleep because its so itchy, it got worst after i gave birth thats why i stopped breastfeeding coz i was taking anti allergy tablet.
i hope that my son wont get it..

Derek Anderson said...

why no Mac N Cheese?

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