Friday, February 29, 2008

When your typing skills suck

I am not sure how you fast you are. I am not fast enough compared to my co-workers but it sure is good enough to hold my job. I have been working in front of a computer for a year now. I multi-task. I talk on the phone and type using one screen to another. It sure is a good practice for me.

I still think my typing skills suck. My co-worker's typing skills sound like a nagging wife's mouth. Tatatatatatatatatatatatatata. That is how it sounds. Well, four TAs in a second.

How is your typing skill? Does it sound like a nagging wife or like Paris Hilton's "hot" talk ?

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makubex said...

hmm..... well i don't type really fast.. lol my typing sounds like a nagging girl friend .. god i am not yet married...

Kevin said...

LOL Great description. :P

Rosemarie said...

hi Jho Jhun Lozada is the star witness of ZTE scandal. He is saying that PGMA has something to do with this anomaly. he is also pointing some higher official in the government. and i really believed this man.I mean he really has a guts.

twinks said...

did this tag, i enjoyed it.. though you're faster than me :[ sigh!

firstlady said...

your typing rate almost fit your description of a nagging wife. Hope you aren't personally, hehe.

elaine said...

Jojo, that's a funny post...mine sounds more like a nagging wife :)

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