Sunday, February 17, 2008

When you have a mountain of laundry...

...and you are lazy then you gotta hire a helper.

I am not sure how lazy you are or how high your laundry mountain is. Having a helper is really a great help for you. Whether that helper is big or small, young or old.

I am so lazy today. I am not sure but whenever Saturday comes, I just want to lay down, relax and chill out. I have this laundry to do and I am just tired all of the sudden. Thank goodness, I have this helper that makes me go go go and smile. He talks to me like a monkey, agrees to what I say by saying "a huh" all the time, gives the clothes to me whether they are dirty or not, and sits in my laundry basket. He makes me giggle and happy.

If you want a laundry helper, hire him.

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Stacey said...

What an absolute cutie! Maybe he can come help me with my laundry too! LOL!

Babette said...

Ang cute cute naman ng taga-laba mo. LOL Katatapos ko lang magfold ng mga nilabhan, tama ka nga, parang mountain sa dami. hehehe

Petula Wright said...

Your laundry helper is very cute! :) I have about 10 loads that I need help with. Is he available from Wednesday through Saturday!? :-)

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