Thursday, March 20, 2008

10 + Tags...

or maybe 50+. I need to make a post about the tags given to me by my friends. I need to get some more time and post them all right away before it gets into a hundred.

It is hard when you have this blog addiction plus you work full time outside. There is just not enough time for everything.

Time, where are you?

I just need to get some help from my wide reader son.

Happy Blogging Everyone!!!

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Imelda said...

Hi Jo:

Thanks for commenting on my post. I like reading your blog, i smile at the end of your post when you relate your post to your baby. I wish i can have a digicam soon, so i can post pictures in my posts, too. Well, when i get rich in blogging, hehehe

happymommy said...

ye ur right! i also do have tags from friends that need to be done. i just have to find time to do them. that's a cute pic of ur son "readin'" :)

Pinay Jade said...

Hi I always enjoy looking at you son's pictures. Hope I'll have a cutie soon too. I planned to tag you but I just saw this post of yours...I guess you already have too many in your hands :)


Sheryl said...

ur son is so cute!

as a new blogging freak, i use to finish the tags that are given to me..unlike yours-you have many..

hope to experience that too

Liz - Mattress said...

your blog is too fine. Thanks for sharing this

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