Friday, March 14, 2008

Custom Photo Greeting Cards

For your information, that is not a dog picture. He is a boy in a dog towel, okay? Wear your eyeglasses and smile.

I just could not resist it so I took a lot of pictures of him. He likes the camera so I did not have a hard time getting the right picture at the right time. When the holiday season comes, this is a perfect picture that I can put on a greeting card.

Last year, I had a hard time making my personalized photo card. I had a scrapbook layout that I could insert my son's picture and I printed it from my own computer. My printer was crappy so I printed a lot of junk. That took so much of my time. I finally got 20 beautiful cards for my family and friends to see. It took a lot of hardwork from me, though.

If you want a personalized greeting card and your butt is too lazy to make your own, you can always order your Photo Greeting Cards from They have a lot of choices from religious to business holiday cards. You just upload your picture and it is good to go. You can also order a photo calendar which is really great.


Mel : ) said...

what a cutie!!! :D

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