Friday, March 14, 2008

How did you find me, visitors?

Blogs that do not have that much visitors need to know this. A blog needs a visitor and that is a fact. You won't earn anything from your ads if nobody gets a chance to click on them. So, you want readers but you do not know how to attract them. I would say that the best answer is hardwork.

My average pageviews in the last 5 days is 426. My blog is only a little bit over 2 months old and I am just so happy to know that I have that number of visitors. Let me share to you my top 5 referrers.

1. - Drop cards till you drop. You visit other blogs and drop your card into their widget until 300 drops.
2. - You link an image into your keyword and people find you through that text link. You do not have to post that image itself.
3. - The richer the keywords, the more visitors you will get.
4. - Link referral is a great site to get a review of your blog.
5. - I am not sure how this one works. Is it when a blogger user visit my blog?

I drop entrecards, leave comments to other blogs, write a lot of posts and review other sites. Hardwork pays off.

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Sly Hoax said...

When you get visitors from blogger, that means that they were probably either clicking the 'next blog' button that appears in the blogger navbar, or they found your blog through a comment you left on a blogger blog.

elaine said...

Hi Jojo, congratulations, I can see you near the top of the EC rankings whenever I visit Entrecard. I do really notice that your blog is gaining a lot of traffic. Keep it up sis! :)

Happy blogging!

Petula Wright said...

My visitors seem to have slowed down this past week or so. I belong to linkreferral, which I think is how I originally found you. I also comment and surf. I'm gonna try and I just joined Entrecard, but haven't really done anything yet because I updated my image but it doesn't show in my code. Can't figure it out. Guess I can just drop cards to get started, but my thing is so ugly! :-)

Lalaine said...

hi there!

Wow! you seem to have catch up so fast in your two months of blogging! Great!

btw, thanks for leaving a comment in my page too! You have a cutee boy!

Have a great week ahead!

Ambrosiality said...

interesting for today I'm going to try linkreferral, though I'm not sure if i must post an image to my blog, because they are not too pretty, and they are huge!

I don't understand the number 2 part.

ps: nice blog

Gina said...

Hi, I found you on blog catalog. Great title, I started my recipe blog 3 weeks ago and it's my first blog, so your advice is well heard. I am using LinkedIn and have had great results so far. I will try Thanks!

Pinay Jade said...

Thanks for these tips Jojo. They are very useful especially for newbies like me.


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