Monday, March 24, 2008

Get Rid of Pimples In Your Own Kitchen

I would like to get an insurance for my face so if I get pimples, I can just use that insurance to pay for my derm bills. Yeah right! If only I have a lot of money like celebs to pay for the policy. Tsk Tsk!!!

I do not get pimples that often except when I blog too long. Yes...that is one of the disadvantages of blogging. It pops up in the morning right away. Like the pop up virus that bloggers had a few days ago.

So if you have no money to buy those anti-acne products, you might want to try the home remedies to reduce or maybe get rid of pimples. Go to your kitchen and you will find a lot in there to help get rid of that face problem. I am not a dermatologist or a doctor. I am just a reader and researcher so if your acne persists, please do not blame me. Consult your dermatologist.

1. Lemon Juice - I have done this before. It got rid of my pimples plus it made my face smoother and fairer. I am just lazy to do this everyday. Mix the lemon juice with water so it is not too acidic. It is like an astringent made from home.

2. Raw Garlic - Eewww!!! We do not like garlic so much but hey...this is very helpful to get rid of your acne. You can apply this to your acne zones. Be careful though. Somebody might not kiss you later. You can also consume this to remove the ugly toxins in your body if you like it.

3. Cucumber - Yummy! I like cucumber. I like to make cucumber salad. So, slice the cucumber of course and place them on top of the acne for 20 minutes. It feels good. If you do this regularly, it will help prevent acne outbreaks. Then after using them, eat it. The last statement is just a joke.

4. Orange Peel - We like to put the orange peels in our drainer. It helps the area smell fresh and fruity. In regards to your acne, grind the peels and mix them with water. Apply the product onto your acne spots. How does it feel?

5. Tea Tree Oil - You may not find this in your kitchen but it is very good for you acne. Apply this on the affected areas and it serves as an antibiotic.

6. Vinegar - I like vinegar with my green mangoes. Ummmm. Filipino thingy. So how do we use the vinegar to treat your pimples? Wash you skin first and dry it with the towel. Mix eight parts water to one part vinegar and apply to your skin with the cottonball. Leave it for 10 minutes then rinse.

7. Egg Whites - My son is allergic to egg whites. Thank goodness he does not have pimples (knock on wood when he grows up). Beat just the egg white and apply to your face. It serves as a face mask to heal and rebuild your skin and absorb excess oil. Leave it for 15 minutes then rinse.

8. Oatmeal - Oh I love oatmeal for breakfast. But do you know that oatmeal can help remove pimples? Cook plain oatmeal like you would for breakfast and let it cool off of course. Apply it over your skin like a mask again. Rinse it after a while. It absorbs unwanted oil. Do it regularly.

9. Potato slices - They said that when you rub potato slices on your face, it helps to get rid of blemishes and pimple scars. Have you done this before? Let me know. Apparently, this made wonders to others.

10. Toothpaste - This is not in your kitchen but I would like to share this one. Some of my friends have been using this and it seems to work on them. It might not work for you but if you want to try this, just put some toothpaste on your pimples after you wash your face. Let it sit there for a while and wash it off. The minty feeling is great and it dries up your pimples. You can also leave it overnight if you want to. Be cautious though. You might get an irritation. If you do, rinse it off right away.

Please do them with caution because you might be one of those people that has the sensitive skin. After doing all of those tips, eat a lot of fruits and veggies. Then, drink water as much as possible.

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Pinay Jade said...

Hi Jojo,
I also wish I could get that insurance so I can eat chocolates again:-(

Thanks for sharing this home remedies,I will try it out. I will get me some chocolates and see if it works for me ;)

Jolene said...

Great tips! I might have to try some of those!

Leon said...

Nice tips. I may try some. Some of them I knew like the oatmeal and cucumber, but most are news to me.

Josh said...

I dont get pimples much either, but still interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time I've read about using vinegar and water to dab on your face for acne. I can't wait to try it out. I really hope it works well for me. I hate pimples. Thanks for sharing.

Kai said...

I've used the toothpaste trick before, and it's worked for me! I leave it on overnight, and in the morning the spot is visibly smaller.

Cinnamon and Mike said...

Babies are cute, aren't they. :)

Jack Payne said...

Stick to raw garlic. It will cure anything.

Monique said...

How interesting! I'm going to have to try some of those the next time I get a pimple.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey i've tried garlic before as it was suggested to me by a friend and somehow it make some of my acne disappear but now i am using splina a liquid chlorophyll which is really a cure for red blood cells but i tried applying it to my acne and it works..well as for me but it's still better to consult a dermatologist..

Anonymous said...

have you tried I bought it last month and it is surprisingly well written informative and it helped med to get rid of my pimples in just under 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

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Live Love Life said...

Thank you all for the comments.

@Anonymous above. Yes that is a real picture. No touch up.

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