Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ways To Make Money Online, Part I

I am making a list of ways to make money online. Some of them have been tested by myself. Others are a possible money-making opportunities. Beware from the scammers, though. If they are asking you money to start an opportunity then it is a possible scam. If they are promising you a too good to be true payments such as get $2,000 just to sign up, it is a definite red flag. Be careful. I know you are not dumb but some people are so naive about the scam thing online.

1. Blogging - This is tested and a lot of people are doing it right now. They blog for fun and at the same time for money. Please check this blog to get a list of sites where you can earn money while blogging.

2. GPT Click Sites - This is tested but slow earnings. I have made almost $20 in a month but your eyes would get crazy clicking at sites. You also get a lot of virus from doing this. I am not sure why but I guess there is just a lot of potential for you to meet the infected sites. Scams are everywhere so please check my other post.

3. GPT Take Surveys - I registered a lot of sites for this kind of opportunity but there are not that much surveys out there that I can qualify. It is not stable. You just wait until there is a survey plus you have to quality. It takes 10 or more minutes for you to finish one. One thing that I liked about this was I knew things before the media spread them on TV. I took a survey about movies one day and I learned that the Shrek III and Pirates of the Carribean "The Worlds End" movies would be coming out soon. It is fun but not that much money compared to blogging and clicking sites. Check out the sites listed below. I am not affiliated with them but I just thought I'd share the sites with you so you do not have to burn your eyes from searching.

Mindfield Online
Valued Opinions
Opinion Outpost
Lightspeed Panel
Clear Voice Surveys

For more survey sites, check this site.

4. GPT Read Emails - If you can handle a lot of emails to check and click, then this is a perfect opportunity for you. I have not tried this because I am too busy blogging. But, if you have more time than I do, try it once and see it for yourself. Htmail and InboxDollars give this opportunity.

5. Play Games and Get Paid - Play games like scrabble and bejeweled. You earn money while having fun. You have to be a good player, though. Try Yahoo Games and WorldWinner.

So, did you have fun learning the money-making ideas online? Grab the opportunity with caution and start earning money now.

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From the Eyes of my Heart said...

thanks for posting this. I am currently looking for ways of making money on line =) take care jojo!

Jolene said...

I already do PTC, and am part of many survey sites though the survey ones I haven't got anything out of as of yet. The surveys are so few and far between and you end up getting points but no money.

What about those game ones though? I didn't know you could make money with Yahoo games, how do you do that? Do you have to put money in on those things? I play on Netwinner, but they're way behind on getting out their stuff. I ordered a $100 card with my winnings in January, they first said they send them in 60 days, now they upped it to 90 days, but they're even further behind then that, people who ordered in October are just getting theirs now. So you do actually get it from them, it just takes a really long time. You can check out my site on my left column for the link to them, it only took me about a month to get enough for the $100 card.

lol, sorry for the novel in your comments section ;)

Pinay Jade said...

Hi Jojo,
It's getting really warm here now...parang Pinas rin dito eh.So humid grabe.

Sweetie, I have a tag for you:)
Have a good evening!

garu said...

very helpful info to new bloggers like me. i'm now in the philippines and i should tell you guys that i'm all sweat right now. it's really very very hot here.

betchay said...

such a cute boy u have there... i wish we're neighbors :)

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, that is a cute picture of your boy. This is a great post to learn from. :-)

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