Monday, March 31, 2008

Ways To Make Money Online, Part II

Be careful in choosing sites to join to make money online. If they are promising a too good to be true payments then you need to think more before joining. There are a lot of scams out there and it is hard to tell which one is legitimate. The post that I am going to make is just my opinion and a product of research. I have not tried them yet. I am making a list that you can take a look at and check. Like I said above, be careful. Ask questions before you start.

Check the first five money making opportunities here.

6. Get paid to submit articles - Do you know stuffs that are worth to share and sell? If you do then I guess you can try submitting articles to sites that will pay you to do that. It must be an original one. Plagiarism is a no no. They pay you a percentage of the google adsense revenue in relation to the articles that you submitted or just sell it and website owners will buy it that will feed their needs. I have found sites that give you that kind of opportunity.

7. Get paid to be a secret shopper - I used to work at Longs Drugs Store and we got reviewed every week. 5 employees from our store would be chosen by a secret shopper to be reviewed. We just knew that we were reviewed a week later in our lunch room. If you like to shop then why not be a secret shopper and get paid. Just check you emails and watch for the opportunities. - for Australia & New Zealand

8. Get Paid to Share Photos - If you have these wonderful pictures and you want to share them to people, why not get paid for it? Just upload your pictures to sites that pay you. Do you have the talent in photography? Try this opportunity. I found some sites that offer this opportunity.


9. Be a Virtual Assistant - Do you complete tasks efficiently and timely but you have to stay home for your kids? Have you heard about being a virtual assistant? I have not tried this before but I am pretty sure that I will search more about this when I have to stay home for my child in the future.

Check this site to get some more information and get trained - AssistU
Also check International Virtual Assistants Association - Ivaa

After you are trained, check these sites to get jobs: Guru, FreeAgent, Ratracerebellion, Msvas, Wahboom

Read this site also to get some more information when you get a chance.

10. Share you Expertise and Earn Money- Sell your professional capabilities online in the field of software, design. web & programming, legal, data entry or anything that you are an expert of. You get paid while you are doing that. Are you smart and hardworking? Check these sites: Elance, RentACoder, TechDirt, Logoworks, DesignOutPost.

If you have tried these sites before and has some comments about them, feel free to comment for the other readers to know. Thank You.

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sollee said...

Hello Jo..How are you?..You have so many good suggestions for your readers..Keep up the good work my friend..(:

Pinay Jade said...

Hi Jo,
How are you doing? Just dropping by to say Hello!


Sweet Pea 48 said...

Some good ideas. I am already doing the blogging and the gpt sites but would like to find other ways to make
some extra $. Thanks!

Lori said...

Great post, Jojo. And you have one adorable child there, too! :)

Nedekcir said...

great information on online money making.
I have a question about entrecard regarding advertiser on my entrecard, how do i get credit when they advertise? since u are the only one I know that have one. drop me a line or email me at "reprost at gmail dot com"

Jena Isle said...

Good blog. Thanks for the information. Happy blogging.

Bestfriend's blog said...

wow.. many great possible opportunities but me as usual i go for not asking sss heheehe very nice post.Jo'kudos for you..God bless

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great list!

Anonymous said...

I've heard great things about many of these places from other work at home moms. Well worth checking out.

I've been considering writing some articles for cash, if I could just find the time.

Thanks for sharing a great work at home list.

mystery shopping said...

Great info, thanks!

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