Saturday, March 8, 2008

How did I get Pop-ups in my blog? Part II

Yesterday, I dropped entrecards and surfed other sites to get credits. I found other blogs with PAYPOPUP on them. They are annoying so I just close them right away. When I checked my blog, I got a pop up which was weird because I did not install anything. Like I said on my previous post, somebody hacked my blogger blog and I fixed it temporarily.

This morning, the pop up came back and I could not find anything that makes this bug works. No HTML/Java Script that is suspicious in my page elements or in my template HTML. I looked at them one by one because I was just so determined to remove it.

My friend a.k.a. Twinks has the same problem and I believe she fixed it temporarily yesterday. When I visited her site, my computer hang up and I could not navigate or leave a comment into her blog because of the pop ups that kept on coming.

Twinks, these (below) are the things that I did today and it helped remove the pop ups. I hope they will not come back anymore.

1. Scan your computer drives for viruses using an antivirus software. I am using Norton AntiVirus.

2. Go to the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES under the C:\documents and settings. I deleted everything that was stored. I had a hard time finding it but I found it because I was just determined.

3. Somebody might have installed a software into your computer...maybe a Trojan virus. Like I said in the previous post, use LAVASOFT and SPYBOT to delete those spy softwares.

4. Delete all the cookies and cache in your computer. Sweep them all out.

5. Change your blogger password as soon as possible. I will change the password periodically. They are smart in an evil way so they might change your password on your behalf, get your email address and figure out your email address password. That would be very scary.

6. Back up your blog using
Blog Backup Online just in case. We do not want to loose all our posts in just a second.

I hope you get this message since your blog is kind of frozen right now. And for those who have the same problem, I hope those things will help you delete the bug.

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happymommy said...

oh my! i am having the same problem as yours! i thought it was just me. thanks a lot for your suggestions. i'm actually doing them now. i hope i'd get rid of them permanently. your site has been a big help. :)

Again, thanks jo!

sheila :)

twinkletoe said...

sis you're really an angel! mwah! mentioned u in my recent post. big help ka talaga..

i reckon i got rid of them na.. kasi pinakcheck ko sa isang friend ko la na daw pop-up.. i deleted na rankwidget.. isa din yon eh.. pero i'll run a virus scan maya, and do some of the tips you mentioned. mwah! :] thanks a lot talga sis

EuroYank said...

Download this program you can usee it free 30 days. It will fix everything wrong with your computer. First pass should eliminate about 500 errors ...


thanks a lot for the yah my twinks..the power puff girl!!

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