Sunday, March 9, 2008

How did I get Pop-ups in my blog? Part III

What a mess!!!

Well...I did not get any pop ups today from my blog but I did get some from other blogs. And guess what? It was a pornography site. I was disgusted. My husband (jokingly) told me that I searched it and it was not really a pop up. Ahhhhhh NO!

I am so happy that there are a lot of bloggers whom I was able to help on their pop up problem. I am glad they were able to find the modified code. I guess Blogger staff need to figure out how to protect their members from hackers. I mean, we use their service because it is really great. I hope they protect us as loyal members from any kind of bugs that destroy our blogs.

I hate to think that those hackers earn money by putting their code into someone else's site. That is just not right. Why can't they just earn money without disturbing other people's hard work? We try to make a living and earn some extra cash and somebody else just makes it more difficult to achieve.

Yesterday, I discovered a safer browser to use. That is FIREFOX browser. They said that it has some features on it that (they said) helps you avoid spywares or viruses from sites that you visit. I used to use internet explorer and it really sucked. Internet Explorer hang up my computer a lot and I had to restart my computer three times while dropping entrecards. Now with Firefox, it has been great for me. It is faster and easy to use. When you visit another blogs or sites, it opens another tab ( not the annoying separate window). It is very good for entrecard dropping. I suggest for you to use this browser.

I hope that your pop ups are gone and blogging is back to normal. Keep writing and do not give up.

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Pinay Jade said...

Hi Jojo,
when I read your post that your blog was hacked,I also changed my blogger password.I also got a disgusting pop up from you tube you know. I don't understand why youtube is allowing that kind of sh*T. anyway, thanks for the tip.i will use firefox too.

twinkletoe said...

Thanks for your tips sis as in I followed all of them. I'm using mozilla firefox too since last year and I like it better than IE actually. Thanks again sis. mentioned you in my recent post. mwah! :]


great post!! i got firefox too!! been using this for 4 years!!! b4 i got internet explorer and got the same problem..with firefox..everything is super..thanks Jo for the great infos!!

HotMama Mathe said...


I had to totally demolish my site and re-build it (am still working on it) as i got so upset. I am on Mozilla now, as per your recommendation. i find it more convenient. It seems like it was made particularly for EC droppers lol!

thanks for your help!

your oyster post is funny and quite interesting. Bye!

Somebodyunfamous said...

Thanks for the site compliment, it's always nice to hear that what you're doing isn't a complete waste of time. I really like that picture, it reminds me that this weekend is my niece's 1st birthday, so she will probably look just like that, except PINK everywhere!

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