Monday, March 10, 2008

FEEDJIT.COM has nothing to do with the POP UPS

The CEO of left a comment to me about pop ups in my blog. I am sorry for the misunderstanding but it is not the that gave me the pop ups. The hackers used my Feedjit code/widget and modified the code. They probably inserted their code into the Feedjit HTML code.

I love Feedjit widget. Really!!! I love the way they gave me the information about where my visitors are coming from. It was great to know that my visitors were all over the world and Feedjit gave me that evidence. I would love to put that widget in my blog again someday when the evil hackers are gone (if they will ever be gone). I hope that I can use it again. It is a great tool for me.

It is not just the Feedjit code that was hacked. My blog hits counter code was modified as well that was why the pop ups came back even after I deleted the Feedjit. So, in other words the third party widget providers have nothing to do with all the pop ups. The hackers took advantage of these add-ons/widgets to insert their pop up codes.

To the FEEDJIT staff, I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. Right now, I am just going to pass with your widget. I would love to use it again in the future, though. Please help us stop these hackers so we, the blogger/blogspot community, can be able to use your great tool again.

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Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! I read ur 'popup' post with great interest! Like u I am using fire fox so when I poke into my own site got all sort of popup ads & even got words ads on one of my site! I am wandering how to get rid of them.
BTW ur entries on this popup is most informative as I am real blurr on internet ( I am not even awarn that this is a 'hack' )!
Have a nice day!

twinkletoe said...

Sis di nman natin kasalan ng may nghack sa code nila di ba. It doesn't mean naman na sila ang nghack, unfortunate lang kasi yong widget nila napili ng hacker. I didn't use feedjit, I used the flagcounter and rankwidget..kaya yon ang tinanggal ko..pero dapat pasalamt din sila kasi if di mo minention about dun eh di sila magiging aware na meron ng hack ng codes nila. Di mo din kasalan if u said those comments.


elow jo, bitaw, i like really using the same tools and widgets, but same as what you said i might put it back once wa na ning mga abat 4 d add

Blogtommy said...

Hackers suck. It is nice however when it's not a program or widget you like!

Paula said...

Hi and thanks for the post. A lot has been posted lately about unwanted hacking. It worries me. Now I am considering removing the feedjut widgets on my blog! Why cant people just play fair. Down with the hackers!

Juliana said...

hi! it wasn't really feedjit that caused the problem as I don't even have feedjit. it was rank widget.

i wasted my time switching to a new theme only to find out that whaen I was putting back the widgets, my blog immediately went back to it's pop up when I installed rank widget.


Lynne said...

I've seen these pop ups on a number of blogs over the last few days. Looks like those hackers have been very busy.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting with birthday wishes!

elaine said...

The pop-ups were really annoying. It slows down my pc arggggh! I hope it's going to be resolved soon coz when i visit other blogger sites, it still happens.

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