Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking News : Musician Britney Spears Found Dead

I know. It is shocking. I was so sad when I found out about it. Fortunately, it is a fake story. I do not like Britney and the news about her but sometimes it is entertaining to know what stupid things that she can do.

Yesterday, we heard about this news and everybody got excited. This is how the news goes.

"(This story is still developing : published 8 minutes ago)

In what appears to be an apparent suicide, musician Britney Spears was pronounced dead as a result of cardiac arrest after consuming more than two-dozen sleeping pills. Complete details are not yet available, as this story is still developing. "

I looked at Yahoo and MSN if that news came up but nothing about Britney Spears being dead. I googled the "Britney Found Dead" keywords and I found a different site that said the same story but posted a year ago. I guess Britney came back from the dead again. LOL!

I do not understand why people would say that kind of stuff or make a fake story to get people's attention. That is just so rude.

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makubex said...

just lol :)
After reading the post title.. i went to Yahoo homepage.. to see whether its true.. and found this,
Britney Spears is animated superhero in new video,

Michael Aulia said...

It's rude, pathetic, and childish at the same time!

allen's sweetheart said...

what jo? hehee i hope shes not i've heard shes carrying a child right now. thanks for the visit.

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