Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Uses Of Salt

Isn't he adorable!!!

Okay...let us go to the main topic here. I am sure everybody uses salt to make their food more delicious. I love salt. I can even eat salt with just rice. Salt saved me from hunger when I was in the Philippines. I just cooked a little amount of rice and sprinkled the salt in it. After that, my meal was good to go.

But, do you happen to know the other uses of salt? I was surprised when I knew about it.

There are other five things that I found about the uses of salt:

1. Salt helps vibrant fabrics retain their colors. - To prevent the nice colors of your towels from fading, put a cup of salt into your washer the first few times you wash them.

2. Salt prevents cheese from getting moldy. - It did not know that until I found this. Soak a piece of cloth into a cup of water with 1 tsp. of salt mixed on it. After that, squeeze the water out of the cloth until it is barely dump. Wrap the cheese with this cloth and seal them in a container. The salt prevents these microorganisms which cause the cheese to spoil.

3. Refresh your tired eyes. - I do get eyebags a lot because of my blog addiction. Yes! This blog addiction...sigh. Anyway, just put 1 tsp. of salt in a warm cup of water and then dip a cotton ball in it. Apply it around your eyes and let it dry. Rinse afterwards. Try it.

4. Prevent Itchy Scalp - Do you have an itchy scalp? I do since it is so dry here in Colorado. Sprinkle some salt onto you scalp and massage it. Salt helps to get rid of those dry skin cells. After the massage, shampoo your hair. It is like you exfoliate your scalp.

5. Prevent mildews from your shower curtains. - I wish I did this before we hung our new shower curtain early this year. You have to soak your shower curtain with water and salt for a few hours before you hang it. You do not need to rinse it. The salt blocks the mildew from forming.

I am not sure if you already knew these things. That salty thing is so versatile.

Source: First For Women
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MY Adventure,Treasure, Simple Life said...

kapatid,since I dont usually use salt everyday due to my hubby's health I can use salt to some other things....good topic....dont work too hard sa iyong blogging....take care

Monique said...

I had no idea there were so many uses for salt!

rich/dex said...

cute baby! pero parang ang layo yata sa topic he he he.. nice topic about salt,learn something..

arnold said...

He is very cute! Salt is one of those things that is extremely handy, I cannot imagine any meal without it. Back in history salt was in fact one of the earliest forms of currency used in many parts of the world. The word salary literally means to give someone some salt.

NoTy But Nice Zhoe said...

very useful tips... :)

jenny-up the hill said...

Thanks for the tip on reviving tired eyes...I too have a blogging addiction! lol!

LJP said...

Wow! I might try some of these. BTW cute blog design! :-)

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