Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

I work late so I like to sleep in. The thing is, this habit is not healthy at all. I would love to go back to sleeping early and waking up early again. You just have more energy for the whole day. I used to jog early in the morning while watching the sun rise. I used to sleep as early as 9pm. But now, I wake up at 9am and sleep at 2am. I need to stop this habit. Any advise?


arnold said...

The problems you are describing are normally symptoms of far too much blogging. Be careful, blogging is fun, but so addictive.

Pinay Jade said...

Hey Jojo,
Aren't you blogging too much? LOL
I know I am. It's really becoming a habit.
I would send you Tuyo but the customs might not let it through...He he he.Food isn't allowed.


hehehe...pareho man ta...try na nato nga matulog ta ug sayo...hehehe...mustamuz...wer ma diay ka karun gapuyo jo???curious lang kay nilaag lang man pud ko ug frankfurt...hehehe..balik ta did2..

moneyrush said...

I bet the reason is blogging, same here LOL...Advice is drop blogging and you get back to you a healthy sleeping habit (Not good advice isn't it)Blogging is addictive.

Seriously, time management that's all. Set a time for Edropping,Blog Posting and the rest for the family and self.

Hope their's more advice.

Kate said...

I am going through the same thing -sometimes I feel like it's a spirit of passivity that comes at night. I continue to pray that Yah will order my life so that I can jump on a schedule that works for my family. Let me know your progress with this!

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