Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Top 7 Blog Template Generator

So you are trapped! You want to get out of your boring blog template. You want to be unique and different from other bloggers. You want to personalized your blog.

Your template itself speaks for yourself. If your blog is messy, then you must be messy in real life. If your blog is pink, then you must be a girl and you like pink a lot. If your blog has fishes then you probably smell like a fish. I like fishes. I have to stop now before anybody gets offended.

I have browsed and found some cool sites that can help you make your own blog template. You can make it as colorful as you want and you can also make a 3 column blog template easily.

This is great for newbies. It is very easy. This is a weblog template generator that is so easy that you will be done in less than 10 minutes. Try it.

You can select your layout so easily. If you are a 3 column blog template fan, then you must check this site out. It is very easy to use and it is user-friendly. Make your template that fits your style.

3. CSS Template Generator
I have not used this one but it looks so easy. They also have an HTML generator so if you are just so confused and do not know what to do, try this one.

They have colorful templates that you can customize. You can change the colors and the font sizes plus you can download it for free.

5. Wordpress Theme Generator
This is great for Wordpress bloggers. It is easy and fast however you can not upload your own photo as a background.

6. Firdamatic
Just fill up the forms and you are good to go. This is designed for lazy bums or for bloggers that does not have so much time. Try it and let me know what you think of it.

7. Create your own 3 Column Blogger Template

Know how to change your favorite blog template from 2 column to three column. Read carefully about the instructions given and be careful with the details because if you loose one code, it will not work.

Once you are done, you can listen to the music and enjoy your brand new template.

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pinaywife said...

hi sis! nice post.. bookmarked the sites u've mentioned.. im so into templates hehe nakakatuwa kase when your template is a bit different than the rest.

tc and thanks for always dropping by..

Mel : ) said...

great post - thanks for all the info!

Ada said...

Cool information, something I will be looking into.


wa jud ko talent ani template ba...hehehe...wer man ka sa USA..asus ngutana na pud ko..hehehe..basin suroy man gud ko dira this May...malooy si Lord...

nindot jud pud ang Europe..pero la lang dagahan wawarts panglaag..kay hurot na ako ipon sa pinas..gamay investment..hahaha..ayo2 diha uy..

safe na kaya ni mga feedjit...mingaw man ko uban nga widget uy..
hapit na pud ko atake ganina sa torjan maayo na lang naa firewall--Symantec Norton firewall man ko pati anti virus...
mao ni ingon sa firewall nga IP add wid Trojan Virus... na gi blocked sa ako computer...any infos??

Joy said...

What a great resource. Thanks for posting these!

Petula Wright said...

Very good information. Thanks for sharing.

Hot Momma said...

you might not know it but you really come across as a very helpful individual. i hope i can really come to know you more as a friend.

God bless you. thanks for visiting my site.

stepstep said...

Thanks JOJO. Great sites.They really help a lot!

Anonymous said...

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