Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wazzup Peepz!

What's up people!!! My son would probably say that.

I am sure he is excited for our family vacation in August. That would be our second family vacation with him. The first one was in Hawaii. This second will be in Arizona. We will just drive our Mazda and enjoy the view. It will be cheaper than taking the plane. What do you think?

Our son is a good traveler. He likes to sit in his car seat. He knows when it is "bye bye" time. He also knows how to say "bye". It is very cute. You can tell how proud I am.

Now let us go back to the vacation topic. I am so curious about the beauty of Texas. My husband was born in Texas so I want to see the state and it's pride.

I found this Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center which is located in Orange, TX. Have you been there yet? My son loves colors. He will probably enjoy the place. Take a look at their pictures I found below. Isn't it pretty?

Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center earned a U.S. Green Building Council's Platinum Certification for LEED®-NC which means that kids can learn a lot with their eco friendly nature. They use a lot of green design strategies such as soybean-based spray foam insulation in the walls and ceilings and solar photovoltaic panels installed on part of the roofs. Wow! I wish my hometown high school students could come for their Science field trip. This would be a perfect place. Unfortunately, they are too far away.

I recommend that you visit the site and check out their history. They have great pictures. I have saliva all over my chin. I could not stop looking and keep my mouth shut.

Are you from Orange Texas? have you visited Orange Texas? or have you visited the Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center? I'd like to hear from you peepz.


Petula Wright said...

I have been to Hawaii and Arizona and they're both very beautiful. Extremely different locations, but beautiful in their own right.

filipinoincanada said...

your son looks really cute :)

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