Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ways To Make Money Online, Part III

Money-making opportunities online are everywhere but do you know where to find them?

Check my first two posts: Part I and Part II.

The list below may require you to spend some money to start your business at your own risk.

11. Monetise your parked domain. - Do you remember clicking into a site thinking that you'd get the right information but instead the site provides you more links for several advertisers. That annoys me but apparently, this is a money making technique of the domain owner. Domain parking owner gets paid through pay per click usually with google adsense.

12. Catch The Expired Popular Domain. - Sometimes, domain owners forget to renew their domains. When these expires, be quick to catch them and register them again as your own. The link is still popular so you will get a fair amount of traffic. Imagine the page impressions and PPC that you will get if you have google adsense in that domain. Hmmm... Check some expires domains here.

13. Buy And Sell Domains. - This gets really interesting. After you have bought an expired domain that an original owner forgot to renew, you can sell the domain back to this owner. Before you do so, be familiar with the rules, though. You do not have to sell the domain to the original owner. You can always park it first and sell it whenever you are sick parking it.

Check these sites to buy and sell domains:

Domain Gallery
Domain Monkey

I also heard that it is also good to sell your domains in ebay. Try searching in there and you will be surprise how much people are bidding for. One site got a $300,000 bid one time.

14. Be Creative and Smart. - Think of a great domain name and sell it for a reasonable price. People want to buy domains because of just the name. Take a look at the domains below and their prices listed at Clickmojo. = $30,000 = $60,000 = $35,000 = $55,000

Or maybe just the less popular words like: = $16,000 = $7,500 = $4,000 = $4,000

Maybe you can register a domain called which is all about first time parents.

15. Start A Domain Directory. There you go. If you do not like to park domains, watch for expired domains, buy and sell domains, or think too much of good domain names to sell, you can be a manager of a domain directory like those sites listed at #13. Make money by allowing domain owners sell their domains for others to buy. I might do that someday.

Check this forum to interact with other people in a world of domain business.

I hope you learned something today about making money online through domains.
Have fun!

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