Saturday, May 3, 2008

The nasty week...

My son got sick this week and it started on Monday. On Monday morning, I woke up from my baby's cry so I got up and checked on him. I found him standing on his crib gagging. He was warm...feverish. I found a lot of nasty puke all over his face, bed, pillow and blanket. I almost gagged myself.

He vomited a lot that morning. It was like every 30 minutes he would vomit. He would eat but then he would vomit what he just ate. He did that the whole day. I was glad that I took Monday and Tuesday off.

Monday night, his diarrhea started. Soft, smelly, and looks like a poop soup. Sorry about the picture that I am putting on your head but that was how it looked like. Gross but I had to do what I had to do. It was a cycle. I fed him, gave him tylenol, he vomited, he pooped, I cleaned him, I did the laundry and I fed him again. His bottom got so raw and red. It seemed that I was in pain, too. Tuesday was the same as Monday. Wednesday came and I thought he got better. Wednesday afternoon, my son and I visited his Noni (my mother-in-law). He was fine until I felt the wet spot on my pants. He pooped. It was very bad. He had diarrhea every ten minutes so I decided to go home.

Thursday was when I got scared. He was pale, limb, was not talking, did not want to drink or eat and was closing his eyes a lot like he wanted to sleep. We went to his doctor and was advised to bring him to the ER. He was crying with no tears. I had tears but just crying inside me.

The doctor in the ER said that he had a mild to moderate dehydration caused by a Rotavirus. What the hell is that? Rotavirus infected my son's intestinal tract. Fever, vomiting and diarrhea were his symptoms that led to his dehydration. Dehydration can be life threatening so I was so worried. They gave him an IV for fluids to rehydrate him.
It was stressful. We were able to take him home after the 2-hour rehydration.

We were advised to give him more bananas, applesauce, bread, potatoes, rice, pedialyte, and lots of water. Milk and applejuice are "No" "No". Right now, he refuses to drink the pedialyte so he has no other choice.

I recommend everyone to read and learn more about Rotavirus. My son's doctor said that adults could get it and it is even worse. She also added to always wash our hands to stop spreading it.

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Raine said...

I'll pray your baby boy gets well soon, Jojo..

rojoy said...

Hi Jonah sorry about what was going on with you this week, I been through what you through to your son. Always remember once your kids start vomiting and have diarrhea make it sure you give him a dehydration's drink. And within 24 hours avoid giving him any food because his body won't tolerate it until all the virus will go away from his system. I'm glad and hope he doing fine now.

armywife24 said...

i hope your son will recover soon!!! i know how hard it is for us mum when our kids get sick.

Pinay Jade said...

Hi Jojo,
I am so sorry to hear about your kid getting sick...poor baby! This sound so painful for me let alone for a kid.
How's your boy doing now?

Alexis said...

hi Jo! hope baby boy is ok now. I'm sick too myself. God bless you guys!

twinkletoe said...

poor baby boy of yours sis.. i hope he's feeling a lot better now..
it's really tiring and sad pg magkasakit baby a mother you wish na ikaw na lang ang may sakit..good thing sis you took him to the doc kasi pg ganyan pacheck up mo kaagad..mahirap ma dehydrate eh.
hope okay na c baby mo..have a rest too sis.. take care :]


looy pud imo baby jo...hope he feels well and healthy all the time!!! tc mo diha...cge lang sunod ra ta kitakits...syalan man layo man diay ni vegas sa inyo...hehehe

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