Friday, April 25, 2008

What Kind Of A Mother Are You?

I am not pointing fingers at anybody and I am not angry.

A lot of people said that there are types of mothers. Is it right? Let me give you some ideas as to what I am talking about.

Types of Mothers according to Dr. Helen Pensanti:

1. The Phantom Mom - she may be controlling, perfectionist or reactive. I think when mothers say "you are not good enough" type of statement is under this one.

2. The China Doll Mom - she is afraid of feelings, avoids strong or negative emotions, may react to anger and shame the child. Not a good thing mom.

3. The Controlling Mom - I think it is a subsidiary of being a phantom mom. She does not want a child to exhibit individuality and there will be no independence to child.

4. The Trophy Mom - I think this is another sub of phantom mom. She wants her child to be perfect, special, afraid of imperfection exposure, gets angry to a child who brings home problems.

5. THE AMERICAN EXPRESS MOM - I am not sure why it is called American Express like the credit card. This is like giving a child the idea that the child can not survive without her or vice versa. "I am your only source of love and truth" type of stuff.

Types of Mothers according to Dr. Poulter.

1. The Perfectionist Mother

2. The Unpredictable Mother

3. The "Me First" Mother

4. The "Best Friend" Mother

5. The Complete Mother - my favorite. She provides guidance and compassion to her child.

Types of Mothers according to Dr. Me (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor- these are the types of mothers according to my own experience).

1. The Affectionate Mom - who kisses, hugs, embraces you wherever or whenever.

2. The Big Mouth Mom - who says a lot of STOP!!!, NO!!!, COME HERE!!!, DO IT!!!, SHUT UP!!!...etc. She says the words very loud thinking that her child will be better. Actually, it does not make your child a better child. NO is my favorite word to say to my son and I should stop myself.

3. The Quite Mom - who does not do anything except wash your clothes, clean your room, cook for you...etc. She is not a talker. She does not get mad at you that often but when she gets mad, it is a big explosion.

4. The Hip Mom - she talks and dresses like her teen daughter. She wears sexy clothes, make up, nice tattoo, and crazy hair. She can be your bestfriend.

5. The NO TIME Mom - you do not see her. She is busy on her own world.

6. The Abusive Mom - It can be physical, verbal or mental. Mental abuse I think is when you force your child to learn something that your child is not interested in such as music, dancing or sports.

7. The "Freedom" Mom - Her child can do whatever. She does not care if her kid watches TV the whole day, eat junk foods, wear his pants low showing the boxers or wear her top so low showing their big boobs, or if she/he comes home late with their peers (unknown where they went). No disciplinary action.

8. The "Everything Perfect" Mom - Perfectionist alright!

9. "My Kind of Mom" - These are my mom and my mother-in-law. They are my kind of moms. Loving, easy to be with, like a friend, a listener, and God-fearing. We have different personalities so you kind of mom might be different than mine.

10. Mr. Mom - He is your dad but he does what moms do.

You and your mother's relationship makes you who you are right now. Do you agree with that? I think that they have something to do with your personalities and how you handle adult relationships.

This Mother's Day, whatever type of mother you have, give her some beautiful flowers to show your love. There is a one stop flower shop online available which is the for all your needs. They have a contest going on right now where there are over $30,000 in prizes. Vote for your favorite mom in "one" of the categories.

I wish I registered my kind of moms but it is already closed for registrations. Anyway, I voted for Marlene K. from Lorain, OH. The picture captured my eyes. She appears to be a very talented mom.


oliverdt said...

Hi kabayan, I'm also proud being Pinoy. Keep it up, we can make it. I'm happy to meet you here in, I'm from PPC palawan. Layo no` hehehe, you have a cute angel, I'm still praying to have one.

Jenny said...

There are times that I feel like the "No Time Mom" and I hate that...I need to re-evaluate my schedule so that I have more time with my kiddos...

Imelda said...

hi sis, this is my other blog.please add this too. Sometimes i am the "negelecting mom".

HotMomma said...


I don't know what type of mom I am but I tend to be controlling but at the same time caring and really one who serves my kids. I have a lot of traits that are not good, so reading articles like this one makes me re-think my parenting style in order to improve it. Keep on posting!

By the way, thank you so much for having my ad in your widget - you provided the most cost-efficient advertising for me this month - affordable ad with more clicks through it. That's value for EC points, i might say.


azillah said...

nice Jo..i hope that i can find myself here but i am not a mom yet.

Maya said...

they are cute.anyway, i can't pin point which is me. cos i change in any situation given.When we deal with kids we are like deal to ourselves too.

Danity Donnaly said...

INteresting blog!

ZTe said...

hi nice blog!

this post also hit a raw nerve in me... according to dr. U :) my mom is the "abusive" and "freedom" mom....

Rachel said...

I don't think we should put anyone in categories!

elaine said...

I am not sure where to categorize my mom but to me she's just perfect. I won't trade her for anything. :)

The Aries said...

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BK said...

I have read several posts for Mother's day and I think you have provided the most interesting read.

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