Friday, May 23, 2008

It is getting warm!

I am excited. Summer is coming and it is getting warm. It is awesome to wear shorts again. It has been a while.

One night, my husband, my son and I decided to take a walk and have some fresh air. It was fun because the air was so comfortable and soothing. I loved it. That is one of the things that I love about Colorado. It just smells like paradise.

After living in Colorado for 2 years, I am kinda missing the Maui life. In Maui, we could go out anytime because it was always humid in there. I miss the beach date with my husband every afternoon. It was fun just walking along the shore or swimming in a salty water. We sometimes eat something and sit on the sand while watching the sunset. Living in Maui was one of the good experiences in my life. The only thing that I do not miss is the price of living.

So much about the Maui stuff, look at my little boy (bogoy) below. He has been wearing a lot of shorts recently. I love to see his little legs. He looks like a big boy already. is getting warm. I am looking forward to the weekends. We can go anywhere to have some family picnics. We can wear just shorts and comfortable flip flops. And we do not have to worry about bulky coats.

We can go to the park and watch the mountain beauty. We can go to the mountain again, maybe to Pikes Peak. We can go have a joy ride and watch the horizon. We can go to beautiful museums and see some cool thins.

Speaking of museums, I know a museum that is really cool but it is located in Orange, Texas. It's the Stark Museum of Art. This place will be in our list when we get the chance to visit the city of Orange in Texas during summer time. They focus on the art of the American West. They have different collections of Western Art including the "Shotgun Wedding" by Andy Anderson, a Colorado artist. It is funny. They also have American Indian Art, Decorative Arts, and Rare Books and Manuscripts.

This Museum has The Stark Foundation which I think is cool. They have grants and scholarship programs. After knowing this, the site is worth my visit. You should check it out, too.

I am sorry if I am writing a lot of things and they are everywhere. Maybe because I am too excited. I still need to make a list of what to do on the weekends so we do not forget. If we do not make that list, we might end up staying in the house, being a lazy bum, and miss the summer. That would not be good.


Mike said...

I visited Colorado last year and the mountains were so beautiful! Here in LA, you can only see the mountains when the rain washes away the smog...

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