Friday, May 23, 2008

What a gross day!

I was gagging. The image is still in my head.Aahhhhhhh!!!

We went to Village Inn for breakfast as a family this morning. It was great food. I had this fruity crepes with caramel on it. It was yummy. That was partnered with Orange juice. I really loved it.

When we came home, I made him his warm bath. I let him soak for a little while and I brushed my teeth. When I came back, I saw some floaties and it was smelly. Gross!!! I gagged. I am sorry to put you into this image but I just had to share.

Yes! He pooped in the warm tub for the first time.

A picture in the tub

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jessie said...


Ang cute naman ng baby mo. You're so lucky to have a baby like that.

rojoy said...

hahaha Jonah hopefully it will be the 1st and last time, Ako kids both they did that as well.

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