Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More about me

So it is me. I am a proud mother to this little boy. In this picture, he cried and I can not remember why. Can you see how pitiful he becomes when he cries?

I look like I don't comb my hair in that picture. I am sorry. I think, I just got home from work in that picture.

So I just got tagged from Maya. She is very sweet when she told me she tagged me so I will grab it. LOL!

Participants: Tere-Blessing in Life 2.Yen- Me and Mine 3.Aggie - Pink and Brown Diaries. 4. Mich - Random Thoughts 5. Vannie - FunFierceFab 6. Jane - My Charmed Life. 7. Abie – Women Xplore 8. Jody - In This Game of Life 9. Eds – Just Me. 10. something purple 11.vanity kit 12. em's detour 13. mind bubbles 14. In Demand Opinions 15. Sweet Lullaby 16. MJ's Hurrah17. Buzzing Around 18. Tasteful Voyage 19. A Mom's Note 20. moms..... check nyo 21. Technotrend 22. Ness 23. Maya’s Window 24. Live Love Life 25. YOUR NAME HERE

1. What do you want for your birthday? – A round-trip ticket to the Philippines.
2. Who will be your next kiss? – My husband
3. When was the last time you went to the mall? – Maybe 3 weeks ago.
4. Are you wearing socks right now? - Yes.
5. How did you spend your summer? – It is still Spring. Last year was a good one since we spent 2 weeks vacation on Maui, Hawaii.
6. Have you been to the cinema in the last
5 days? – No.
7. What was the last thing you had to drink? – Pineapple juice.
8. What are you wearing right now? - Pajamas.
9. What was your last purchase? – A lot. I went to Walmart a few hours ago. Do you need the list?
10. What was the last food you ate? – Spaghetti.
11. Who would be the person you would call if you were up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep? –No one. I do not want to disturb my hubby and baby.
12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? No.
13. Do you have a pet? No.
14. What made you laugh in the last 5 days? I can not remember. Maybe my son, he is full of energy.
15. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? Philippines (pareho tayo Maya).
16. What is the last thing you purchased online? Clothes.
17. One thing you hate about yourself?- I sleep in.
18. Do you miss anyone?-Yes, don't you?
19. What are your plans for the day? – Not much. I just work and give some time with my family.
20. Last person you msg’d? Friends in my hometown.
21. Ever went to a camp? – a million years ago. Just kidding. I think the last time was when I was a freshman in college.
22. Are you a good student in school? – Too good which made me a too boring classmate.
23. What do you know about the (your) future? – What kind of a question is this? I wish I was a psychic.
24. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? – No...I am getting ready for bed. What are you, nuts? Joking.
25. Where is/are your best friend/s right now? – Philippines.

Wow!!! That was quite an interview. I am going to tag my dear sisters Maridee, Dexie, Ruby of EuroAngel Graffiti, Elaine, and Sheila.


elaine said...

Hi Jojo, thanks so much for the tag. I am grabbing it now. :)


elow Jo, mustamuz....sori kaayo ha dugay ko wa kabisita...kapoy pirmi laag diri..hehehe...will grab your tag asap..cge lang ug humna na ni ako bakasyon kuno makasuroy na jud ko diha...

blessedmom said...

hello friend! u still look pretty even if u seemed not to have combed ur hair. :) thanks for the tag! i'll do it the soonest i can! :)

take care! have a fun Thursday with ur cute boy :)

Tracy said...

Your little boy is adorable!

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