Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It has been a busy few days

I just do not have that much time to blog anymore. I work in front of the computer all day at work and when I get home, my energy seems to go away. My son and my husband helped me get my energy back. Thank you Michael & Pappadaddy.

Okay, I just want to tell you all some few things.

First, I just want to remind the parents about "Dry Drowning". To know more about it, please read this article. It is very alarming. You child's lungs might be drowning without you knowing it. A 10-year old boy died an hour later after their swim in the swimming pool. He walked home, took a bath and went to bed. His mom found him dead later in his room. So please read it. It can't hurt you spending a little time.

Second, to my sweet co-bloggers who tagged me recently, I will post the tag as soon as I can. Right now, my eyelids are falling.

Last, I am sad that Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez, one of my favorite Filipino actors died last week at a young age. I will miss him. Prayers to his family.

That is all for tonight. I will post more tomorrow, God willing.
God bless and happy blogging!


Lou said...

Same here, I just want to go to sleep when I get home from work.


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Filipino in Canada said...

yikes! do you have the link for the dry drowning article?

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