Tuesday, June 3, 2008

15+ Free 3 Column Black Blogger Templates

Some bloggers like black templates. I used to have a black template because they just look good. If you are looking for black templates, I already made a research for you.

Here is the collection of black 3 column templates for Blogger:

1. Minima Black - simple black template

2. YouTube Blogger Template - specifically designed for your youtube videos update

3. Black Light 3 Column Blogger Template - the main column will be on the left just like mine.

4. Black WP Premium Blogger Template - great layout with nice black and white color combination.

5. Lord - great header picture and the color combination is great.

6. Sodelicious Black Blogger Template - a delicious combination of black and blue.

7. The Identity Blogger Template - Black and White Template. It is pretty.

8. dfTheme 3 Column Blogger Skin - Another black and white template. The main column color is white.

9. Dark Blogger - all black with nice menus

10. Fairy 01 - Pink and black combination. It looks interesting especially if you like fairies.

11. Black RedA2 - Black and Red Combination. It looks like a music blog.

12. Ibhe - header picture is a plus. The main column is not as wide as I want it to be but the look of the layout is good.

13. Black Butterfly - the header is great. The butterfly is a flash. The main column is wide but the sidebars are a little narrow. Check it out.

14. SoSuechtig Black - Black, White and Orange combination.

15. Black Rounded 3 Column Blogger Template - More spaces for more widgets and page elements.

16. Butterfly - Another butterfly themed template with red and black combination.

17. Sunset - sunset theme 3 column template. It looks nice.

18. Halloween - if your blog is about spooky stuff, this is the perfect template for you.

That is it for now. They are free to download. Just click the pictures to go the site where you can download them. Happy blogging!


Caledonian Jim said...

Thanks - these are very useful, especially for someone like me who has no skill at all in setting out his website !

All the best .

sollee said...

I used to have black templates too....Very nice...

Hot Momma said...

my dear, thanks for your email. thank you for your generosity in helping me. it worked! you can now see my post/tag.

thanks again! mmmmwaaah!

lapa37 said...

I like the templates I had a black one before but I was told it was to dark so I switched. I have blogger and wanted to know if you know if they have 3 column templates available? If not how do I get a 3 column that I can customize?If you know how to do them

elaine said...

Thanks for the list. I use dark themes for my blog. It's well suited for a Nocturnal Blogger.


Mariz said...

Looks like someone did a lot of research on this one. Black templates are classy, maybe I'll use one of this for my next blog.

Btw, I hope you don't mind..I've tagged you, but it's for a very good cause - to spread info on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. See my site for details. Thanks dear!

Lou said...

They're all I'm confused LOL


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ppramadhan said...

I love the blue black one... very nice.thanks

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