Monday, June 2, 2008


I have a lot of plans that have been bothering me. I guess I think things a lot even though they are still far from reality. I just love to think in advance. Part of it is because I am an introvert person.

Here are the things in my mind recently:

My son and I in the Philippines - When I visit my family with my son who has a nut allergy, is it going to be hard for my son to eat there? If he'd have a bad allergic reaction, do the hospitals in the city know how to deal with it? Nut allergy is so rare in the Philippines, I believe. I only heard of it here in US.

My bestfriend plans to visit us - my bestfriend is planning to visit us here in Colorado Springs. I am worried that there won't be enough space for her in our house. We only have 2 bedrooms at this time because our basement is still unfinished. She does not care but I like her to be comfortable as much as possible and staying in a hotel won't do any good. It will be too expensive.

Have a finished basement - Am I thinking too much about money? I am always thinking about working overtime at work so I can save money to finish our basement. Would it be too much for me and my family?

Am I getting a sloppy mother? - I am getting lazy. I guess I am just stressed out from working too much. My son is a handful too.

I don't know why I am thinking too much. I had to say sorry again to my husband today because I acted like a monkey (he said jokingly). I have to slow down...slow down...slow down...meditate maybe.


Marie said...

If your son has a nut allergy is it a severe anaphylactic reaction (ie: for example, his airways swells up and he has difficulty breathing after eating products with nuts in it?).

If so, see your family doctor first before you fly out, they should be able to provide you with some advice and medication (depending on the severity of his allergic reaction).

All the best and have a great time :)

Pinoy Around the World said...

yeah, take it easy, my dear. i wrote about the importance of Mom's health to the whole family in HotMomma. imagine what happens to the household if you totally get bed-ridden (God forbid).

anyway, thanks for dropping by my site Pinoy Around the World and leaving your kind comments. If only for one person I can inspire, challenge or entertain, it will be all worth the time doing it.

Pinoy Around the World said...

Oh, by the way, forgot to mention that i like your new interface - very appealing and cool and attractive.

Pinoy Around the World said...

Hi! I got featured in her project, too.

nice blog you have here.

thanks a lot for dropping by my site, HotMomma. May I also invite you to my other blog, Pinoy Around the World.


Pinay Jade said...

We are the same. I am thinking too much too and that results to stress.
My husband says I should take it's not like I am gonna die if I don't accomplish what I want.

I am trying to take it easy too hence the blog diet ;D

Have a great time in the Ph. When are you going? From where are u pala there?


Lou said...

Hi Jo, yes that's true, one step at a time...hastes make waste as what they say..

Best regards,

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