Thursday, June 19, 2008


My eyes....they are tired. My normal shift is 12pm-9pm. I chose that shift because it works for everybody---myself so I can sleep in, my husband so he can cuddle more with me, my son so he can see me more in the morning and my mother-in-law so she can spend more time just for herself before babysitting my son. It works for 10 months.

This week I work 8am-5pm to give my co-worker back a favor. My body has a hard time adjusting. My eyes are still trying to sleep in the morning and my head is just painful. My husband said he is the Mr. Mom today because I did not do anything at home from the previous days. Everytime I come home from work, I just lay down in my couch. I try to entertain my baby but I feel bad because my energy is just not there.

I kinda like the regular 8am-5pm shift but I guess it takes time for my body to adjust. I can wait but until then, I have to suffer the pain in my head.

I am sorry co-bloggers for not dropping entrecards and not reading your posts. I am just so tired and exhausted. I hope you understand. I will be back soon, hopefully.


Lou said...

It's hard when your body clock gets used to a certain schedule..

Take care,
A Peek Into My Mind
The Shutterbug

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