Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Being A Mother

I remember being mad at my mother a lot when I was younger because I could not get something I ask or wanted. I would not talk to her or listen to her words. I'd just go to my bed or sulk in the corner. Isn't it hard to deal with them (mothers)?

Well...look who I am now. I am a mother of two- a boy and a girl. Two different kids with different personalities. Two different challenges in my hands. Who knows what is going to happen next?

I believe that your kids will treat you the same way you treated your mother when your were younger. Ahhh...I hope I was not too bad to her. I hope I did not hurt her feelings too much. I know though that she still loves me. And I love her, too.


Ingrid said...

thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

Cath J said...

Haahahha.. It's happen my fren.. I remember how naughty was I those days.. and there is 1 time, my mom say.. next time when you all got kids you all will know how hard it is.. but we never bother..

now.... Oh God Please have mercy.. ^_^

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