Friday, July 10, 2009


A lot of things came to mind and it is all about the subject "to petition my parents". I want to bring my parents into the United States so we can be together. I think they are very excited to come visit the America. They want to explore the USA which is a most wanted place for immigrants.

Well, as you all know, a lot of Filipinos want to come here to live their American dreams. They want to live richer, more prosperous, better and happier life. Here in the United States, you can have a good-paying job even without a college diploma as long as you have a good work history (related experience) and work ethic. If you work hard, you will have an opportunity to get those toys such as I-pods or I-phones, WII, an SUV, or even your own house if you have enough money to pay (as long as the government won't raise the taxes too high). If you have extra money, you can go to restaurants that you have been wanting to try, go to vacations into places like San Francisco where the famous Golden Gate is or see the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, experience the roller coaster ride at Disneyland or maybe just stomp through the snow, how about that?

I know not all of you agree with me that is why there are terrorists. You can not please everybody. I learned that in high school myself as the president of the student body. In high school, people who were not pleased are not terrorists I promise. Terrorists want to destroy this free country. You all see the 9/11, right? So I know not everybody will be pleased with this post.

Hopefully, Obama won't turn our American dreams upside down like a hot pancake. With all the super spending that his administration is doing, it is very scary. Not everybody realizes it, but it is not good for the future of this country especially our kids who will be paying the debts. My Gabby is 2 months old but already has a debt. Can you imagine that?

Anyway, how am I going to bring my parents in the United States? My big problem is the discrepancy in the important documents especially their marriage certificate. I am not sure where or how to start solving it. My mother who is an elementary teacher is very busy and my father can not do it alone because it is my mother's name that has the error. I do not know what to do. I am thinking about bringing my younger brother first but it will take forever. If lucky, we can wait for approximately 11 years (I think) for him to get a visa if he does not get married before the visa gets approved. If I petition my parents, it will only take approximately 6 months assuming I have all the documents necessary that immigration needs. What a big difference, huh!

I think they said that we need to hire an attorney in order to get the errors changed. That is such a BS. Why such a hassle? I did not hire any immigration attorneys here in the United States to process all of my immigration applications. I did them myself (except the K1 visa) with the help of or I wish the Philippines had an easier way.

Sure...give me some advice. This is a mind blogging procedure in my head. I have a lot already. Help me! Help me!


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