Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Missouri Vacation Story

My husband had been planning for this vacation for months. He was very excited that he could finally see his aunts and cousins in Missouri after a very long time (3 years). I can not blame him. I, too, miss my family and friends very much.

My husband, our kids, my mother in law and I drove to Missouri which lasted more than 13 hours. We had to stop every 3 hours at least for the little baby to be fed and for us to stretch. It was a little boring because we had to drive along the flat Kansas State. There was nothing to see except the horizon and the challenging bright morning sun which was always telling us "Hey, I'm up. Look at me". Oh, before I forget, my husband made a comment about driving in I-70 along Kansas. Other than the horizon and the sun, he said that he saw a lot of churches on the west part of Kansas along the highway but the closer we were to Missouri, the more adult stores (XXX) signs came up. I really did not notice but confirmed it when going back home.

In Missouri, we stayed in a motel because it was cheaper. We went to bed right away after bathing and stuff. Who could stay up longer after a long trip? The next day was when the fun began. We went to my husband's aunt's place. They have a pool, a barn, a big back yard and a beautiful lake.

Second day in Missouri was a mix of good and bad. The good part was when I finally saw the ARCH with my little family. We walked under the big trees and the sun while looking up to the sky just to see the top of the arch. I did not know that there is a ride inside so you can go to the highest point of it and see the City of Saint Louis from up there. Well, I guess it does not matter because I would not go ride anyway with 2 little kids. The bad part was when we all got angry and cranky, hot and sticky, sweaty, and hungry. My dear husband and I had a little argument, went to silence for a while and just walked for a mile or more just to find a place to eat. He finally said to go inside Sundeckers.

As you can see in the picture below, it was a big meal. Guess what? I ate them all. That was how hungry I was and I did not realize it.

Later that day, we were relaxed by the lake near the Arch. It was fun. We went to our normal sense- no more arguing.

The third day was simple. We went to see Aunt "D", my husband's aunt. We talked for hours (actually I was more of a listener) and then had pizza and hot wings for dinner. I had the cheese pizza, though.

The last day in Missouri was the window shopping day. We went to the shopping strip in downtown Saint Charles the whole afternoon. They have historic buildings and cute stores. I did not buy anything though except the smoothie- yummy.

Then, later that evening, we had dinner at Applebees with a family friend.

We had a quick, hot, summer vacation. Where did you go this summer?


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