Monday, March 22, 2010

In An Emergency Situation

One day, as I started the car to leave my workplace, I noticed that my gas tank was almost empty. The indicator light came on which indicated that I needed to stop by the gas station to fill my tank.

I always forget to fill my tank in a timely manner. That is always my problem. I don't think about it until my car reminds me to do it. I've got too much to think about and my car is one of those that I forget most of the time. My husband does not like it because I could get stuck somewhere with my kids.

Going back to my situation, I drove slowly on the road and prayed that my gas that was left could make it to the gas station. The prayers I uttered were like God help me, God please help. Another bad news was that I had no cash with me. The very good news was that I had a credit card in my wallet. One of the advantages of credit cards is when this type of situation happens. Thank God, I brought my Paypal Credit Card with me at that time. It would have been a disaster.


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