Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am guilty. I am not really well-organized with anything recently. I really feel bad.

I am going to start about organizing my kids' important documents as soon as possible. My daughter's growth report from her pediatrician is still in her diaper bag. I seriously need to start a document management system for myself so I don't lose their important documents like birth certificates, SSN cards, vaccination record cards, etc. I am so busy with my life that I sometimes forget to file them to their envelopes right away.

Last night, I made an excel file listing my activities for the days that I am off from work. I listed the things that I should do within a specific hour like between nine and ten in the morning, I should start a load of laundry and then clean the kitchen after breakfast. I started to follow those today. I made mistakes and was not able to do the other things that were listed in a specific hour but I made progress though. It is just hard with two kids but I told myself last night that I have to be more organized from now on. I hope I can keep this plan.


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