Sunday, March 7, 2010

They Were Wrong

I had this pain before in my high school years. It was so painful and it would only be on one side of my head. I had this pressure-pain in the forehead between and behind my eyes or one eye. I got dizzy and I remember that I did throw up. I could feel my pulse going and it was so painful. My parents took me to an eye doctor and she advised that I had an astigmatism. She provided me with a new pair of eye glasses and some vitamins. It seemed to help but it took days before I could get better.

The pain that I experienced at that time is the same pain that I had earlier today. It is the same thing. I am positive. Why did the eye doctor never told us that it could be a sinus infection or a sinus pressure? She just told us to have me use the eye glasses. My parents believed her, of course. My parents really believed that my eyes were in a bad condition.

The fact that I can just search anything in Google and get some answers is so helpful. I searched the symptoms that I had and "walaahhh", search results stated sinus and headaches. My hubby also suggested on Friday that I probably had a sinus pain or sinus pressure.

The pain and condition I had years ago were sinus infection and symptoms. It is possible. I just realized that this afternoon.


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