Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I got busy with other things in the house lately and so I forgot how dirty our windows were until I cleaned them yesterday. We just closed them all the time because of the weather (Colorado weather surprises me a lot). I just did not think about them.

Yesterday was a good sunny day so I opened the windows to get some fresh air and some heat from the sun. I noticed some dust and some baby finger prints. I decided to grab the cleaners and some towels to clean all of the glass windows and the surrounding areas.

I felt I accomplished something big after I finished cleaning them. They look so clear now and it made the house brighter. The only thing that I was trying to figure out was about how I can clean the outside part of the glass windows and maybe the wood shutters as well. I am short in height and I really don't want to use those ladders.

After a while, I just stopped worrying about them. I thought maybe my husband could do them or maybe hire a professional window cleaner. My kids were waiting for me and my attention so I played with them instead.


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