Friday, June 25, 2010

Home Improvement

My husband has been working so much. He told me recently that he wants to work more overtime hours since the opportunity is there. He wants us to save some extra money to finish our basement and improve some parts of the house this year. I got excited so I told him it would be fine. I hope I won't be regretting it someday. Other than working longer, he is also away from the kids more which is hard. I hope it is worth it.

Well, we have been dreaming about getting our basement done. Not only will it make the house value higher, it will also add more bedrooms and spaces for us. We have some things that need closets to stay in. We don't have that much but at least they won't be accumulating yucky dust down there. We have been thinking about making a big master bedroom with a big bath (jacuzzi) tub and a walk-in closet in there and also a large entertainment/family room. We would also like to update our windows in the back. We could maybe add vinyl shutters so it would look nicer.

That is just a dream for now. It could turn into reality (I hope and pray) someday.


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