Monday, June 21, 2010

What is going on?

Why is my computer going slow?

I am mad and at the same time sad. My internet connection is very slow. I am not sure what is wrong. Is it because my computer is already 9 years old? Or my internet connection is just crawling pretty slowly.

I want to blog for a little bit and then drop entrecards but then this internet is slow. It really gets my patience. I just want to shout at my screen. My son loves to play hotwheels games in this computer so I wonder if it made my computer slower. I am so sorry if I am so intense today. I just want to enjoy my day off by using my computer but can't if my blood is boiling.

Oh well, I wonder if it is time to buy a new computer or get the satelite high speed internet. Will it be faster then? I hate to waste my money if there is going to be no difference.

I guess, I will just come back later and update my other blogs. I'll just do my house stuff right now, then take a nap or play with the kids. Hopefully later my computer will be ready.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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